Ah Yes, The Sims…

Ah Yes, The Sims…

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Its been 3 months since I created anything for the Sims. As you are probably aware, I had been rather distracted lately with other things, including Dragon Age: Inquisition.

However this year I really need to manage my time better. Time management and procrastinating is something I need to try and over-come in 2015. I have so much that I want/need to get done this year. Such as Writing, Blogging, Reading, Gaming, Creating and improving my (traditional non-digital) Art Skills. There is little point in having a studio filled with thousands of pounds worth of art supplies if I am not going to manage my time better in order to use it.
I also plan on upgrading my Wacom Tablet to the Cintiq this year. Digital medium is always something I have felt most comfortable with, so the plan is to expand on that with the Cintiq.

So where does this leave creating for the Sims?

I will be honest. I don’t play the Sims anymore, I haven’t really played for a long time. But I do love to create for them. Well, that is not strictly true, creating is something I love. The Sims just happens to be something I can create for and have the most experience with.

So if I can get the time management issue addressed and get the things done I need to do, then I will have time to continue creating custom content for the Sims. I would ideally like to devote at least one day per week to creating CC. But I cannot and would not like to make any promises. There are just so many other things that can/should take priority.

I know I have the Metro Living Set waiting to be released. The UV-Mapping in the sofa needs tweaked in a few areas. But as soon I have that done, I will go ahead and get it released. Apologies to all who have been waiting for that set.

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  1. Rosie February 15, 2015 at 19:57 - Reply

    I have to admit I am mostly a creator for The Sims games as well. I hardly get to play it. When I plan on playing it, I end up thinking “hmm I don’t have this particular item yet, I should create it myself” or “hmmm my Sims could really do with a new mid-century modern house” hahaha.

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