The Evolved Series

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This is the first series of books I will be working on for the foreseeable future.

The series centers around the same world and take place in a fictional town called Cedar-Brook Falls. Based in a Southern State of the USA:

Book 1 ‘Evolved’ – Holly Richards is an agent for The Guard, a feared enforcement organization that investigates serious crime across all sectors within the zone. Born and raised behind the steels walls of Zone Two, which was once designated, New York City, before the uprising.

During her investigation into a series of brutal murders, she learns that all is not what it seems and the life she thought she knew was a lie.
A war has been waged in the shadows for thousands of years and according to an ancient prophecy, she is only one with the power to end it.

Full official blurb coming soon…

Book 2, ‘Demons’ centers around Ben Mitchell, the Clan Doctor & Lena Grant (Introduced in book 1 of The Evolved) and picks up where book one left off.

Full blurb coming soon…

Book 3, ‘The Elders’ centers around Tom Palmer, Beta of the Clan & Sarah Rogers. (We’re also introduced to Nathan, Alpha to the Dragon Shifters – Falls Creek Clan Series.)

Book 4, ‘Joining Forces’ concludes the overarching plot that has been building up over the course of the previous books. It centers around Joshua Weston, Lead Enforcer to the Clan & Tamerin Jones,  a Clan Enforcer.

Book 5, ‘TBC’ leading off from the final events of Book 4. Book 5 begins the second story arc that will encompass the last remaining eight books in the world of Cedar-Brook Falls.

Cedar-Brook Clan – Evolved – Main Characters:

  • Justin Palmer – Alpha to the entire Cedar-Brook Clan.
  • Holly Richards – Guard Agent & Liaison/investigator to the Violent Crimes Unit.
  • Ben Mitchell – Clan Doctor/Healer.
  • Tom Palmer – Beta & Clan Mediator.
  • Joshua Weston – Head Enforcer to entire Cedar-Brook Clan.
  • Tamerin Jones – Enforcer/Logistics.
  • Roslyn ‘Rosie’ Palmer – Tech Support/Cyber Security.
  • Mildred ‘Mage’ Olsen – Matriarch.
  • William ‘Will’ Camden – Clan Member.

Cedar-Brook Wolf Pack – Part of the Cedar-Brook Clan.

  • Mitch Robertson – Wolf Pack Alpha.
  • Charlie Anders – Wolf Pack Beta.
  • Emma Robertson – Pack Alpha’s daughter.
  • Lily Anders – Pack Beta’s younger sibling.
  • Cameron Whyte – Lead Enforcer to Wolf Pack.
  • Zack Carter – Pack Member.

Additional Characters – Book 1

  • Clayton ‘Clay’ Morgan – Holly’s Partner at Violent Crimes Unit.
  • Fleur Fielding – Police Enforcement Capt/Member of the Guard – Head of Violent Crimes Unit.
  • Chloe Baroque – Holly’s Best Friend in Zone Two.
  • Tyson Roth – Owner of Club Red.
  • Lena Grant – Nurse at Cedar-Brook Hospital/Medical Student.
  • Lord Feron – Council Elder – Representative to the Fae.
  • Ethan Chambers – Council Elder & Breed Lawyer – Representative to the Wolf-Shifters.
  • Francis Palmer – Council Elder – Representative to the Evolved.
  • Byron Palmer – Council Elder – Representative to the Evolved.
  • Marshall Fitzberg – Captain – Cedar-Brook Enforcement Unit.
  • Gabe Ferguson – Investigator – Cedar-Brook Enforcement Unit.
  • Darrius Kingsley – Protector to the Council.
  • Eli Cooper – Cafe Owner

Additional Characters – Book 2.

  • Elliot Masterson – Council Field Investigator.
  • Clara Masterson – Council Field Investigator.
  • Tyler Ross – Mechanic.
  • Sarah Rogers – Real Estate Agent.
  • Lord Baldwin – Council Elder.
  • Conrad Throne – Protector to the Council.

Additional Characters – Book 3.

  • Nathan ‘Nate’ Carver – Alpha to Dragon-Shifter Clan.
  • Oscar Rhys – Beta to Dragon-Shifter Clan.

Crestwood Pack – Pack in the neighboring town.

  • Alex Stephens – Pack Member.
  • Issac Stephens – Pack Member.
  • Joey Mason – Pack Member.
  • Gabby Woods – Pack Member.

Other notable characters.

  • Sophia Fairchild – Healer.
  • Marrus Fairchild – Elder Council Advisor.
  • Jacob Fairchild – Farmer.
  • Ofelia Fairchild – Wife of Marrus & Mother to Sophia and Jacob.

Please note: The above information is subject to change at any point and without notice. Most of the individual book titles are temporary placeholders at present, and there is a distinct possibility they’ll change nearer the time of each books’ release. Presently all books with the exception of the novella will be roughly 300-350 pages in length. However, as with above, this is subject to change.