The Falls Creek Clan Series

The Falls Creek Clan Series 2016-08-09T23:10:58+00:00

All four series center around the same world and take place in a fictional town called Cedar-Brook Falls. Based in a Southern State of the USA:

The Falls Creek Clan Series. (Four Books – Focus’s on the Dragon Shifters of the Clan. Introduced in Book 3 of The Evolved.)

  • Book 1, ‘TBC’ centers around Nathan ‘Nate’ Carver, Alpha to the Dragon Clan, (who we met in Book 3 of The Evolved) & Chloe Baroque, Wolf-Shifter, and Enforcer to the Wolf Pack. (ETA – 2018/2019)
  • Book 2, ‘TBC’ centers around Oscar Rhys, Beta of the Dragon Clan & Beth Tanner.
  • Book 3, ‘TBC’ centers around Trisha Kendel, Lead Enforcer & Eli Cooper.
  • Book 4, ‘TBC’ centers around Jason Cauldwell, Enforcer & Josephine ‘Jo’ Barton.

Please note: The above information is subject to change at any point and without notice. Most of the individual book titles are temporary placeholders at present, and there is a distinct possibility they’ll change nearer the time of each books’ release. Presently all books with the exception of the novella will be roughly 300-350 pages in length. However, as with above, this is subject to change.