Working From Home – The Pros & Cons

It has been three years since I made the decision to work for myself. Three of my children at the time were reaching their adult years and my two younger children were self-sufficient to a certain degree. With them either being out at work or at school, this gave me over six hours of uninterrupted time to build a business. The problem initially? I had no idea what I wanted to do that could one, earn a livable income that didn't require me to sell my soul or two, that didn't require me to invest massive amounts of money to [...]

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Bi-Monthly Goals

I can't believe how long it has been since I planned and wrote down goals. And you know what happens when I don't write them down...they don't get done or more often than not, it gets forgotten about. Naturally, I have written various to-do lists, but nothing that constitutes a plan of action. Which was sorely needed as I tend to get a little flaky, then procrastination sets in. Since I have ramped up work on book one of The Evolved Series, I thought perhaps it was time to sit down and think seriously about my short-term and long-term goals. [...]

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