I need more time!

I need more time!

It has been a hell of the last few weeks. I have spent most it building new furniture; I ordered from IKEA and am finally making a serious dent in the cutter that has been the bane on my house for the last sixteen years. All I can say is on that front is with five children, three of which are young adults, I am slowly getting there…

Unfortunately, this has put a definite kink in my writing and blogging schedule. Although, I am trying to plan my time more efficiently and ensure time is set aside for both these endeavours, along with real life commitments.


The original plan was to try and blog post every day, but given the amount of work required, I don’t think this is feasible, and perhaps I was grasping at straws somewhat. So, with the help of my numerous Erin Condren planners (will discuss these life planners in a separate post), I have decided that a blog post once per week is much more of a realistic and manageable goal…at least for the time being.


Some of you…in fact, most of you are probably unaware that I even have a YouTube channel. Over the last several months, I have given serious thought to uploading video content to this channel in the form of weekly vlogs.


I am currently working on the second draft of the outline/character development and plot/sub-plot timeline. Since this is part of a book series, I want to ensure this is on point and reduce the workload further down the line.

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