October Update

October Update

I’m alive! I bet you thought I had been kidnapped by aliens…Or in my case in a book reading induced coma!

I’ll be honest, I have been severely lacking all motivation over the last couple of months and have been ill for the last couple of weeks, which also hasn’t helped.

I did celebrate my 42nd Birthday a few weeks ago, that was fantastic and I was blessed to received such great gifts. I treated myself to a new MacBook Pro, upgrading from the MacBook Air. Totally love it, especially for writing. Although, my PC in my office is still feeling neglected.

Good news, though! I am currently writing my first novel. I currently have about 16,000 words written so far. I’m a super buzzed about it. The working title at the moment is “The Evolved” although this may change if I decided to make it into series, in which case the series will be named that instead.

Apologies to everyone who’s been waiting patiently for Fan-fiction updates on AO3. I promise they are coming soon. New Chapters have been written, they still need a bit of editing, though. Unfortunately, with writing a book updates will be slower coming that they would normally be.

As usual I am trying to get back into some sort of routine, which isn’t easy, but very much needed. Going to get this month’s goal list done, so that might help somewhat.

More to follow soon…

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