October Update

I’m alive! I bet you thought I had been kidnapped by aliens…Or in my case in a book reading induced coma! I’ll be honest, I have been severely lacking all motivation over the last couple of months and have been ill for the last couple of weeks, which also hasn’t helped. I did celebrate my 42nd Birthday a few weeks ago, that was fantastic and I was blessed to received such great gifts. I treated myself to a new MacBook Pro, upgrading from the MacBook Air. Totally love it, especially for writing. Although, my PC in my office is still [...]

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Productive few days…

Shock, surprise I hear you say. Another blog post so soon! Not only did I pull myself away from the most recent bout of procrastination and the latest unhealthy obsession with reading, but also I have been semi-productive. Now, anyone that knows me well enough knows that there are varying degrees to the word productive. Especially where I am concerned. However, in this instant I think you’ll agree, I have been a busy gal this week. Now, this is mainly to do with the fact my children’s father is home on annual leave for the summer and has been doing [...]

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August Update

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it has been five months since I last put up a blog post, shocking I know. So much for getting my act together and blog posting on a more regular basis, apparently that did not work out so well. Damn you procrastination! What the hell have I been doing you may ask? Well, in a nutshell, writing, procrastinating about writing, improving my writing and drinking excessive quantities of coffee while I do those things. Although, during the last two weeks I have managed to cram in reading ten books and I have a whole [...]

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Still Writing….

Hope you are all well. Still here! I am still busy writing. Working on a second Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic which I have posted to Archive of our Own. I will be honest, that is pretty much all I have done for the last two weeks at least. I desperately want to improve my writing skills, which is ironic considering I hated writing when I was at school. But like everything creative, it takes time to find your feet. My issue has always been, putting to paper the ideas that I have in my head. Time to get back to [...]

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Wow, I’m on a roll

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last couple of days. I have been writing again, almost obsessively. I went to bed two nights ago with my mind buzzing with ideas. At 3 am I was still awake, so just got up and starting writing. I went from just over 9000 words to 22,000 words. And I am still going. I have also been working on some new artwork too. Busy, busy. Will keep you guys updated.

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