Pooches & Pouches

Pooches & Pouches

Anyone that follows me on Instagram or any of the other social media networks is probably aware by now that I have acquired another dog. I am a sucker for Labradors, and when I saw a female black labrador on my local SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website, I fell in love.


Jet posing for the camera. So cute.

Jet is nine years old, older than my other two dogs, but that didn’t phase me in the slightest. So, I contacted the SSPCA for more information. Jet had come to them overweight, unfit having spent a portion of her life confined to a crate.

Unfortunately, despite her age, she had not been spayed by her former owner, so the SSPCA had her done, vaccinated and thoroughly checked over by a vet. They found that she had a few skin tags, a non-benign fatty lump on her rear leg, (which was removed during her spaying) slight hip dysplasia and she will need regular exercise to strengthen the muscles in her back legs.

I immediately filled in and emailed the re-homing form, then made arrangements to take my dogs to meet her, which went extremely well. They walked and played, and I left feeling good about my decision to adopt her. The only thing left to do was the required home visit. The SSPCA inspector comes to view your home to ensure you have sufficient space inside and enclosed space outside for a dog. Thankfully, I passed with no issues, and I could then make arrangements to pick her up that Saturday.

Jet arrives home.It has been approximately three weeks since she arrived and she has settled in well. There were a few dominance issues on the second day with Jet and Ollie, but it was resolved very quickly. Ollie flashed his teeth and growled, and that was the end of that. I think the fact he is about 15kg larger than her played a large part in it.


Ollie, Harvey and JetJet has also tried the same with Harvey, but he is such a calm dog that he has no time for that sort of shit. He just wants to play, which she is happy to do. Although it has taken her time to learn how to play, especially when a tennis ball is not involved.

Give it a few more months and it will be like she’s always been here. She is definitely an important part of the family.



Now onto another one of my favorite subjects…COFFEE!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I signed up for a coffee subscription service from the fabulous people over at Pact Coffee. The first of the weekly deliveries arrived this morning and as you can imagine it was like my Birthday and Christmas had come early!

Pact CoffeeHow it works, is that you choose the frequency of the deliveries, in my case weekly, and they send out a 250g of coffee. (£6.95 per bag/week) For my first order, I wanted Filadelfia, a Guatemalan coffee beans, that have dark chocolate and orange undertones. How could I not like that, it has chocolate!

Within minutes I had the box opened, the included coffee dripper out (a free gift if you sign up) and my first brew made. It is a medium/light blend and very delicious. Although, for me personally, it could do with being a little stronger in taste.

However, I have the ability to rate the coffee sent to me and pick a different one if I choose for the following week. On Friday, I have Planalto being sent, (I changed the delivery date) a Brazilian blend, which has Milk Chocolate and Malt undertones. That sounds delicious. Very much looking forward to that one.

If this is something you are interested in, use the link below, and you can get £3 off your initial purchase of £12.95, which includes the excellent V60 Starter Kit & filters to get you started. Don’t worry if already have a cafetiere or a machine, and you want just straight up coffee, you can order just the bag at £6.95.


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