Productive few days…

Productive few days…

Shock, surprise I hear you say. Another blog post so soon! Not only did I pull myself away from the most recent bout of procrastination and the latest unhealthy obsession with reading, but also I have been semi-productive.

Now, anyone that knows me well enough knows that there are varying degrees to the word productive. Especially where I am concerned. However, in this instant I think you’ll agree, I have been a busy gal this week. Now, this is mainly to do with the fact my children’s father is home on annual leave for the summer and has been doing tons with them, allowing me some actual quiet time to myself.

So what have I been doing with my time? Well, I have read another eight books. The Darkness Series by K.F. Breene, you can find her eBooks on Amazon and also reviews on Goodreads. I have to say; I highly recommend these books, initially endorsed to me by my fabulous, awesome friend Sue. Please note, these books that contain adult content, just a heads up. However, they are not all about that. These are fantasy books with great humour. So if vampires, shifters, and mages are your thing. You will love these.

What else have I been doing? Well, I have also been working on the remainder of the outline for the most recent fan fiction ‘Out of Time’ that I am currently writing. Trying to get the outline entirely finished before I publish the next chapter (4), which is almost finished. I want to make sure everything is there that needs to be, so it might be another few days before I add it to AO3.

As for my other fan fictions, the next two and half chapter have been written for Sins of the Past, and I have half the next chapter of Nobody’s Herald written also.

I have been seriously considering writing an original story; obviously once my current fan fiction stories have been completed.  Writing a novel takes an infinite more planning than I have previously done, but it is something that I am very keen to do.

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