Second Quarter Goals – Results.

Second Quarter Goals – Results.

It’s already the beginning of July, and it is back to setting goals again and declaring to the world how I did last time around.

So what goals did I complete in the last quarter?

1. Write 20,000 words, minimum. – DONE..almost. Went from approx. 18,000 words to 35,860. Not quite 20,000, but near enough. 

2. Finish manuscript timeline and world history. – DONE. The world history is written, as are the timeline of events.

3. Complete character mapping for remaining characters. – DONE. For all the characters in the first book in the Evolved Series. However, I have been working on all other character maps for the three remaining books in the series. Plus, I have written the basic character maps for the Cedar-Brook Pack, Cedar-Ridge Clan, and the Falls Creek Clan Series. 

Yes, I know, I don’t do things by half.

4. Complete the outlines second draft & print. – DONE. I didn’t print it off. I have instead chosen to use a large pin board to map out plots/sub-plots. (I can move it around the house.)

5. Post a blog post every Thursday. – FAIL. This I didn’t get done at all.

6. Further, look into posting content on YouTube channel. – DONE.

7. Film at least four content videos for my YouTube channel. – FAIL. If I am honest, I don’t have the time at present, but it is something I am very keen to do, so will keep it on the back burner for now.

8. Tidy up files on PC hard drives, discard unwanted files. Almost halfway done! – FAIL. Still, have a ton of files/folders on my hard drive/cloud drive that needs some TLC. I have been backing up my files though from both PC and Mac, so maybe that is a little bit of a win.

9. Organize office and list art supplies on Ebay that have not/will not use. – FAIL. I seriously need to get this done over the next couple of weeks and free up some space in my office.

10. Get up at 6.30am on the weekdays and write for an hour and a half before the family wake. – FAIL. Decided that this wasn’t for me. I sometimes have to go to bed late if I have to pick up my eldest son from work. So getting up that early to work when I only went to bed at 2 am was not going to happen.

11. Work solidly in my office from 9 am when the children head out to school, till 3.00pm when they are home. Only taking a lunch break at 12 pm. – DONE. This I have managed to achieve with varying degrees of success. I’m counting it as a win. (Even though I’ve been working at my kitchen table.)

12. Do all household chores after 3 pm and avoid doing any writing at night, if possible. – DONE. Well, I cheated and hired a cleaner to come clean my house twice a week during the day.

13. Be in bed by 10 pm. – FAIL. Was never going to happen. I do try where possible to be in bed as early as I can.

14. Lose weight and start running/cycling again. – FAIL. Decorating and clearing out my house took priority over this one.

15. Remember to have protein shakes for breakfast and lunch. Cut out gluten/wheat and dairy from my diet. – SEMI-FAIL. Shakes for breakfast and lunch. Still, haven’t given up gluten/wheat and dairy. Work in progress.

16. Maintain daily use of my planners to stay productive. – DONE. This is one thing I have remained consistent with since Feb/March.

17. Drink less coffee per day. Switch to tea or water as an alternative later in the day. – FAIL. I am down to around six per day, but still drinking it at night.

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