Still Writing….

Still Writing….

Hope you are all well. Still here! I am still busy writing. Working on a second Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic which I have posted to Archive of our Own.
I will be honest, that is pretty much all I have done for the last two weeks at least. I desperately want to improve my writing skills, which is ironic considering I hated writing when I was at school.
But like everything creative, it takes time to find your feet. My issue has always been, putting to paper the ideas that I have in my head.

Time to get back to it and the ton of housework that is currently waiting for me.

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  1. Rosie March 3, 2015 at 15:39 - Reply

    I have a similar “problem” where I’ve done nothing but play Minecraft the past few weeks. In my defense, I’m playing it with Wouter and Seth xD but I’m not getting much else done.

    I did vlog today though. And I plan on doing a couple more soon. And I am determined to upload stuff to SNW this week. I just need some motivation I guess. 😛

    As for housework. Ehhh I have a pile of laundry waiting for me xD

    • Sailfindragon March 3, 2015 at 22:47 - Reply

      It so cool that Wouter is playing MC too now. Something the whole family can do.
      I did get some housework done, although not enough. However, I took my MacBook into the kitchen in the hopes that I will write a little then tidy. It’s sort of working.
      Laundry, I think mine is now breeding all over the place. ROFL

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