Third Quarter Goals. July – Sept.

Third Quarter Goals. July – Sept.

If you have read my previous blog post you know, that last quarter’s goals were somewhat of a fail. I have my reasons (excuses) for not completing as many of them as I would have liked.

Firstly, the entire downstairs of my house is currently being re-decorated. (Which I’m doing myself.) I am also clearing out the sheer amount of stuff that has accumulated in my house over the last decade, that itself has been a task. Additionally on Wednesday/Thursday my new kitchen in being fitted. Despite the upheaval, I am very much looking forward to the end results.

So here are my goals for next quarter.

1. Write 40,000 words. (Approx. 2500 words per day – 5 days per week.)

2. Finish the first draft of ‘The Evolved’ manuscript. (My deadline is currently 1st August.)

3. Revise the first draft if completed by the deadline and look into beta readers.

4. Pin larger plot points that cover the span of several books to the pinboard. Ensure continuity with plots/sub-plots.

5. Finish adding written notes/plots/sub-plots for subsequent books in Scrivener.

6. Read over world history and add to, if required.

6. Complete backstories for characters that appear in later books in the series. Ensure that all character maps are complete for the books in all four series.

7. Update website, fix any issues with links, update ‘About Me’ page, etc.

8. Create a new banner image for website and social media networks.

9. Finish painting and decorating.

10. Lose some weight. Ideally around 28 lbs by the end of the year.

11. Continue using planners daily to organize my time efficiently.

12. Sell/List Art supplies that I no longer use on Ebay.

13. Research cover designers for the first book in ‘The Evolved Series’ and book for early 2017.

14. Look into Editors, pricing, and availability for last quarter 2016.

15. Set up Goodreads author page.

I think this is more than enough for the next three months. I am going to have to knuckle down and make a dent in these goals. My aim is to release the first book in The Evolved Series early 2017 (Likely March) and the second book release date I have set for late 2017. We’ll see how this goes.

I am hopeful that if I can get as much of the outlining, plots/sub-plots, character maps locked down with all books in the series, writing two books per year will go far more smoothly.

Presently there will be 16 books (4 per series) that span the entire Cedar-Brook Falls world.

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